Here we go…..

 It hasn’t been much of a secret, our trial and tribulations with the local school system. What may not be so well known is how close our family has become to a large group of homeschooling families! For the last many many months I have been doing research and digging through articles and reading and talking and making lists of pros and cons and changing my mind back and forth…….on homeschooling.

         So I went on a little field trip. I joined a group of great kids at a co -op where they conducted hands on science experiments (with friends), had in depth discussions on great men in history (with friends), and learned to cook spaghetti sauce from scratch (with friends).

                 Then I started making phone calls to local colleges. Making sure this kind of huge decision wouldn’t affect their ability to get into college. That their future would be just as bright as it is through the conventional channels. Then to make double sure I called a friend who works at a college… get the behind the scenes, not covering our rears, answer!  It was the same!! Woohooo!!

                                          As you can see….This mom dreams big!!

             The final step on my road to making the final call was the powwow with some of my favorite homeschooling mammas! We all rounded up our kids and descended onto the fearless leader (Lisa’s) house! It was amazing! They came bearing stacks of books and SO much information. We had great food, and while the kids played, these wonderful women made the overwhelming seem completely manageable and so exciting! The possibilities were endless. The opportunities astounding! There are homeschooling Art history classes through the Mobile Museum of Art, there are hands on science classes for homeschoolers run through the Exploreum, Robotics events, and co-op field trips and so much more! The curriculum to choose from is as vast and varying as the parent and kids who want to teach and learn it! That was it…..decision made!

        So tonight we filled out the papers to join a covering, paid the fees to hold our spots, and hugged our friends in excitement! We ate lasagna and the kids dug through the stacks of  school books EXCITED to LEARN in a way I haven’t seen in forever! So I started this blog for my friends and family to follow us as we start a new adventure……With a Leap and a Prayer!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Christy
    May 05, 2012 @ 06:15:38

    Erin, your an amazing mother I will follow you because I so want to do this also and you will give me the leap of faith that I will need and as soon as I can become a stay at home mom I will be doing the same : )


  2. Susan Todd
    May 08, 2012 @ 13:59:50

    Erin, I am glad you made this decision and are now ready to take that LEAP. We have 3 weeks left ( of our first homeschool year) and it has been the best year ever. The covering and the Co-Op of ECA is the best ever and so many people to share knowledge with us newbies. Welcome aboard and cant wait for the next year to start.


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