So much to get, so much to want, so much to LEARN!

Homeschooling book  resale at West Regional Library today!! So many amazing books! It was very hard not to spend a small fortune just on books full of neat stuff. Had to stay focused. It’s time to get down and dirty buying the things we need to start school next year! Unfortunately there was a shortage of curriculum for the upper grade levels. It seems once most people start homeschooling they love it so much that they put all their kids though, saving upper level books and workbooks for the younger kiddos! I did manage to snag a life science book and cd that will be our jumping off point for science next year! We also picked up some pretty neat history book about amazing women in history! Not 100% sure yet WHERE we are going to start in history but am on my way to making up a cool little resource library!

History may not be settled yet BUT  language arts is DONE! We will be using a pretty neat looking program called Total Language Plus

 “TLP offers literature-based, discovery style learning designed for Christian education. Our authors select exceptional literature and integrate the separate parts of language arts:  spelling, vocabulary, grammar, and writing, as well as critical thinking and communication.”

I am very excited about this. This program closely resembles the way they teach Language Arts at Phillips and it was one of the  the things I thought was a great idea!  By pulling all your lessons from the one book the kids seem to get a more in depth understanding of the book! We will use one book a quarter. I am thinking there will be a report on each and they will be giving a presentation….that will be video taped! Be on the look out!  Also some fun field trips to coincide with the books! Can you tell….We are getting excited! Any ideas/places y’all have to go along with the books please pass them along to me!


The most EXCITING news came as we walked in the door to the book sale today!! Turns out as of Fall of 2010 homeschooling sophomore girls are able to throw their hat in the ring to try and  become Azalea Trail Maids!! Anna is super excited about this! Home schoolers had their very FIRST  one last year! Olivia Benton. She was a blue! This year we have a yellow! It was an awesome thing to see the numbers of people there for the book sale. It was an encouraging thing to see all those home schooled kids looking healthy and happy. It was a great thing to see that more and more of the opportunities that are offered to the main stream kids in public schools are ALSO getting to be available for those that home school!


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  1. Rebekah
    May 08, 2012 @ 14:36:30

    I think maybe you should spend some of the history time on either the Revolutionary War or the Civil War. And for a field trip you could come up to Virginia – so many places to take them! 😉


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