DIVING into math and reading!!!

Oh MY  oh MY oh MY…..

The things you learn when you teach….


Pre algebra through yourteacher.com and completecurriculum.com. We wont be sticking with the first due to cost and will be switching to MathUsee. It’s a great program but more than I am wanting to spend. It went….ok…….I am just a little disappointed with where they stand on something they should know. The GREAT news is they both dove in and DID it! They also did the extra work sheet. I was impressed. They do NOT like math! LOL.

Met the video teacher!


Best part….being on the computer!

Two things we for sure learned today…..

Math is ALWAYS better in Pj’s.

Rocket LOVES Homeschooling!!

So we are loving our class pets…..1 Dog, 1 bunny, 3 Roosters, & 5 Hens….

Played with ALL of them today!


The Magicians Nephew By: C.S.Lewis

We started the book today! Taking it slowly at first because we only have one copy and have to share. Turns out Books a MILLION only keeps one copy on the shelf. Anyone else catch the irony in that? Anywho the other one is in, and we pick it up tomorrow! The most EXCITING news for us and this book today came from my cousin Sarah who is currently doing a semester of school in Europe! She is currently in London and has agreed to let us go through ALL her amazing pictures and live the book through her pictures!! THANK you Sarah!!


ok. Since this MEAN mom has started school ( I think we hit about 2 hours total and it was during nap time) in the middle of summer she decided what was needed after hard work was CHOCOLATE PIE!!!

Oh don’t you just feel for my poor. pitiful. kiddos 😉


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