Someone was feeling left out. AAAAAAAAND the Winner is…..

Word for the day


Today I learned the absolute importance of planning ahead! The curriculum I had set aside to go with the book did not last the same as Math time. I had forgotten that Anna hadn’t gotten as far as Liz yesterday in math and right slap in the middle of it all Justin decided HE wanted to do school work TOO! I had nuthin!

C.S.Lewis took us back in time today. Our lesson made us focus on the when of the book! To the net we went looking for all things 1905 London! The fashions won out. The girls loved the dresses! As for math, they kicked much more math butt today than they did yesterday! Scoring 100%’s on their tests! Still have some issues with what they don’t know and  should but am trying to roll with it! For now….HAPPY kiddos!

In the midst of the chaos that was a completely unplanned day my littlest kiddo decided HE needed schoolwork TOO! What started out as dotted name on blank paper turned into this mama scouring Pinterest at nap time! Also learned today……Set school work times. So sweet, blue, pleading eyes don’t talk you into tracing J’s at 9:30pm!


What we have been waiting for…

The A’s and B’s have been counted…..

All the votes tabulated…..

I want to say a HUGE thank you to EVERYONE that took the time to vote!!!

and the WINNERS are…..

This isn’t the end. We will have one more competition to round out the rest of our roster of countries next weekend! Dont feel bad for Anna. I promise she will be ok. She might even try to slow. down. some next time 😉 They will wake up to this banner tomorrow (minus the letters and names LOL) and I. CAN’T. WAIT.


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  1. Susan Todd
    Jul 04, 2012 @ 03:03:24

    Love it very much! Cant wait for next judging! 🙂


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