Justin needs his own STUFF….and the girls take their first TEST!!

Friday was a little crazy and  a little more of an eye opener!! Am VERY glad I decided to start slow this summer and feel out the way it will work! I am SURE of three things.

1) I NEED a schedule for us to stick to,

2) I NEED a car so we don’t all go stir crazy like we are now,

and 3) I NEED Justin to have a stack of “schoolwork” and hands on stuff to do!

The Schedule I am working on now. The car….well they can’t ALL stay broken forever can they?! As for Justin, I now have PLANS thanks to Pinterest AND the Amazing Mrs Deven!!

Friday it was lets combine a worksheet AND have a game!! So he colored, cut, and played the matching game! The little goober is too smart though! By the fourth or fifth game he was recognizing which cut sides went to which picture and was matching them before he flipped them!! 🙂

Half the test was made in Photoshop, the other half in Works. I think they both served their purpose and I will keep using each as needed ….unless one of my homeschooling mom vets has a better strategy? LOL

Of COURSE Thursday night the printer ran out of ink!! So the first half of the test was taken like this…..

Thankfully the second half was on a printout! I would love to say they aced their first test….but not so much. They were able to tell me which country each flag belonged to (no multiple choice) 100%!! Flag facts….not so much. The UPside to this is they now know mom isn’t playing and will NOT be giving grades based on how much I love them or how CUTE they are 😉 They will earn them or they wont have them!


A break is MUCH needed at this point….

Umm Anna……Those chickens were a LITTLE too interested in the Italian Ices! Have to say between the sun and the kids and the chickens and dog it was all  pretty entertaining. Rocket and roosters are hilarious chasing each other back and forth but too…..chicken 😉 …..to actually do any real harm!!

At the end of the day, even though it had its rough points, I feel like O learned more about what I need to have on hand and do. Feeling MORE prepared every day….

Whew…..Homeschooling WEARS you OUT…..


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Susan Todd
    Jul 17, 2012 @ 03:50:38

    love it love it… you are doing great ! 🙂


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