So much to do… much got done!!

Ready to cheer on the USofA!! Got the cousins in on the action….

Mia and Justin finished the job! They glued ALL the stars on ALL by themselves!! Where did those big kids go……

THERE they are!! They ALL did a great job! Thanks Dunlap kids!!

Something we (I) have really been working on is giving the girls more freedom to fail or fly on their own! This weekend it was biscuits! They did a GREAT job….

Don’t they look **happy** LOL…they WERE really excited!

despite some territorial issues…..hhmmmm….maybe they need to get separate responsibilities! 😉

aaannd trial and error taught move fast, touch less! heehee..

They tasted really good and came in all kinds of fun shapes and sizes!!

Ok…time is running out! We head to London for the Olympics on Friday!!! 😉 Time to get our passports in order!!

Put all three of them to work…..Justin took a few breaks to work on his…..Art. LOL

Say CHEESE my babies!!

Oh Rocket, Rocket, Rocket, you really shouldnt work so hard!!

They are ready to go!!

I still have a lot to do…but the first 5 countries are set and ready to go. It will be London, Spain, Italy, Australia, and Germany! We have museums to visit, masks to make, paper dolls, and edelweiss hats! The first step though…..the FOOD! I made my grocery list tonight and I must say I think my family MAY eat better in these coming weeks than they usually do. Hhmmmm…maybe I should rethink this! LOL


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Susan Todd
    Jul 27, 2012 @ 02:25:33

    so cool you are doing so many cool things!


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