To LONDON we GO…….

Passports in hand we woke up this morning ready to start!!

First things first……Breakfast. We decided on scones! Grape Jelly scones were the winners.I got the recipe from our very own Betty Crocker cook book! This is very similar to the recipe I used. Just replace the lemon and poppy seed ingredients with 3 or 4T of jelly! It turned out VERY tasty!

  I had many volunteers to mix and roll and cut….and LOTS and LOTS of sugar. You are supposed to LIGHTly sprinkle the tops with sugars. Ours were more well coated! LOL

The after breakfast plans were to begin working on our bunting! Justin couldn’t be pulled away from the extra dough and flour……

The girls moved on to the bunting! They were pretty happy to be given free rein! A friend living in England told me about this! When she first mentioned bunting I thought she meant those big, half circle, decorations all over at 4th of July and such! Turns out it was simple triangles all decorated…..and guess what!? We saw them ALL over London as they showed the opening of the Olympics!! Good news…Justin eventually gave up the flour and joined the bunting 😉

A few of my FAVORITES!! I love the time they took and, of course, the talent! LOL

Lunch was average, American food! Popcorn and pizza. Always good. The entertainment was even better! Gotta love The Beatles channel on Pandora!

  Time for medals! We must have our Olympic medals! Salt dough and paint. This involved rolling and designing! I have to say the rolling was pretty popular! I do believe I will keep this mind on rainy days when I have bored kiddos!!

Time to PAINT! Of course I thought they would all go for the GOLD!! Not so much. The girls each made one gold…..and then a red and green 😉 Justin went straight for the… and red! LOL

Just for fun I made one and we made for dad! By the time we were finished SOMEone needed a bath! He was COVERED in red paint!!

The morning over and so super busy we decided it was time for a rest…..and a nap for Justin!

Time to rest, relax, and enjoy a movie! The First Olympics: Athens 1896.

This movie describes the founding of the modern Olympics and concentrates on the creation of the American team and their trials in getting to the Olympics in Athens.

We watched it for the Olympics….but learned so much more!! That 55 cents was a LOT of money! That the Star Spangled Banner was not yet the official national anthem in 1896. That there were only 36 stars are on the American flag!! And we learned ALL that…….from here….

Now THIS is the way to learn! We also learned that women were not allowed in the Olympics until 1928…..the same year my grandmother was born! While they watched….I baked. CUPCAKES and Toad in a HOLE!!!

The cupcakes were easy. A couple of small snags along the way…….

In the middle of EVERYTHING in my kitchen going at once, Anna gets a nose bleed that wont stop! We were VERY concerned as it just kept going! Everything literally got put on the ck burner and all London came to a complete stop! 45 minutes, and my sister driving across town, later we realized that she was blowing her nose over and over thus exacerbating the problem! WHEW! No need for the ER…it stopped when SHE stopped!

WHEW! I need a drink 😉 Sprite and Life saver gummies it is!!

Back we go and it all turned out amazing! Even the non meat-eater ib the family ate it and enjoyed!!

Time to end the day with the opening ceremony….and maybe a little Dr. Who….

Happy start of the Olympics everybody!!

Cupcakes came from

Toad in the Hole came from

Drinks came from

Some of these had a couple of modifications to fit our needs 😉


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  1. Susan Todd
    Jul 29, 2012 @ 15:21:06

    Must say I really enjoyed this one. I loved Justin in the flour!! Not to sure about the Toad in the Hole that really did not look good but I will trust your word on it! Ready to learn more! 🙂


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