Of course the kids first thought was pizza! I went with spaghetti…but before we can get to dinner we must eat breakfast!

Italian Breakfast Bread


It was very good! Pretty similar to what we do for Christmas morning. Only with bread instead of hash browns.

There are only a select few countries that we will be able to make these mini bead flags for but they were a HUGE hit!! I think of this entire exercise learning o recognize flags has been what they are strongest at!


We won’t talk about how it took me a good twenty minutes to get this done right! I am so glad I FINALLY did! They wanted to make TONS of Italy flags! LOL I had to promise that we WOULD be doing this again!

We had a sweet paper doll for Italy too!

 They are a little too excited to see the paper dolls 🙂 We only have them for a handful of countries but they have been fun!

Time to visit Italy!

~Discovery Atlas:Italy revealed~

Italy Revealed depicts the passionate culture of Italy as it follows six stories of Italians, including a jockey participating in a traditional palio, to a former fisherman setting a free-diving record off Sicily‘s coast, to the Missoni family’s fashion world and a Venetian gondolier’s attempt to keep his family in his native city.

It was a pretty cool documentary that showed all the different aspects of Italy! When it was over I had the girls write a quick paragraph of their favorite person and why and what that person contributed to or changed about Italy! The BOTH chose the young race car driver! The first female to get a spot in that race! They both wrote about one of their favorite traits being her determination!

ok….Time to play with FOOD!

Letting it rest…….Does it look restful to you yet?

Roll it out…..

Cut it thin….VERY thin…

These didnt go quite as well and were only made worse when I stacked them all on a plate and they smooshed all together! I had all kinds of fun sizes and shapes of noodles. This seems to be a pattern for us! LOL

Into the pot….

Turns out if you make noodles from scratch all you need is to cook them for 2 or 3 minutes.  I may have cooked them a LITTLE too long! LOL….BUT we all ate them and enjoyed!


All in all the most fascinating thing for the kids was the Leaning Tower of Pisa, the most inspiring was the race car driver, and the most fun were the mini bead flags!!


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  1. Susan Todd
    Jul 31, 2012 @ 02:22:52

    I thought Pizza too! The spagahitti looks pretty yummie!


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