Make a MASCOT!!


It’s free and so much fun!! The kids each made their very own….or in Justin’s case picked it all out! Even I made one! Justin was MOST excited about the camo shorts and Anna was most excited that the number on the jersey was the same she wore when she played basketball!

Today was much slower and much less than yesterday. We learned today that Saturdays (probably weekends in general) will not be very easy times to do much! The daddy being home threw a slight monkey wrench into plans! We had fun though and still learned some new things!

First…..breakfast! Spanish Potato Tortilla (Tortilla Española)


Things I learned….THeir idea of medium potatoes and mine must be a little different. When they say slice thin, they MEAN thin. You should probably go ahead and flip AS SOON AS it begins to pull away from the pan! I was SO excited that I flipped it and it WORKED!! Was NOT thinking it would!

When we first chose Spain I was REALLY hoping we could have a tomato fight in the backyard……unfutunantly that was not cost affective 😉 We did get to learn about it and about the matador and the flamenco dancers!

Then for silliness we colored and cut our own little paper doll matador!

and a flamenco dancer…

Lovin the easy breezy stuff!

As we are such an ARTISTIC bunch we decided to check out a famous artist from SPAIN! Pablo Picasso! Some crazy interesting stuff there….


My artists……



The most interesting thing for us was the new (old) taste of Polenta!


Polenta is coarsely or finely ground yellow or white cornmeal (ground maize)[1] used as a foodstuff. It is cooked by boiling to a paste in water or a liquid such as soup stock, and may be eaten with other ingredients. After boiling, it may be baked, fried or grilled; leftover polenta is often used this way. As is common with many foods, the term may refer to the ingredient or a cooked dish made with it (as with rice, beans, etc.). (via Wikipedia)

Basically it’s grits. Yellow grits. Tasted JUST like grits to us!! Oh well we tried something new 😉

All in All….Spain was good….


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Susan Todd
    Jul 30, 2012 @ 13:14:16

    I would have loved to join for the tomato fight! 🙂


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