Now for a trip down under…..Australia here we come!!

No Australian breakfast for us! We were for warned and for armed about trying the Vegemite!! So we had muffins. We will just go with they were the hotel continental breakfast!  😉

Cleaned some, played outside some, heard there were going to be PAINTS and came RUNNING!!

First things first, checking out all the amazing aboriginal mask art work online!! Google Images ROCKS! We saw how the art and symbols pass down history, give directions to water holes and tell of sacred camp grounds! Then it was time to get down to business…

They concentrated very hard on the dot techique…even Justin. His were nice BIG dots! LOL

Due to having only ONE square for our pearler bead project! There were turns taken! Anna and Justin chose to paint masks first and Liz started her Koala box!

Before we switched off though we needed FOOD!! Not just any boring old thing would do…..noodles IN dogs it is!

So fun and SO good!This has nothing to do with Australia LOL….just for silliness 😉  Next time we will break the noodles in half  to make cooking easier…..and coook longer! It seems the noodles in the middle of the dogs weren’t quite done. OOPS!

What next….MELTY beads!!

Had an amazing pattern for the Australia Opera house….that was too big for our little bitty square……so I went searching! I found this REALLY cute Koala box!! Who doesn’t love Koalas!?

Time to get to work!

 We ran low on grey pretty fast! So Anna’s Koala is PURPLE! Not quite authentic….but hey 😉

Netflix was running low on Australia Documentaries… we signed up for a trial of hulu. Like Netflix….only not quite. We won’t be keeping it after the trial. BUT I was VERY glad to have it today! We watched:

Australia:Land Before Time

A breathtaking journey through the exotic, surreal and dramatic natural environment of Australia.

It really was beautiful! The girls were most fascinated by the honey ants and the  “up to 47 species of Lizards in one area”!! They like Lizards but that was a LOT!

They day has flown by and it’s time to start dinner!!

Australian Meat pie!

VERY similar to shepherds pie…..only with pie crust instead of mashed potatoes!!

Our second, it’s time for bed but we aren’t quite ready to leave Australia, movie was Joey!

Billy is a boy who is trying to save a baby kangaroo called Joey when it is caught and taken to Sydney. Linda, the young daughter of the U.S. Ambassador is helping Billy in his task.

This was a fun one! Plenty of arts and crafts…and a BEAUTIFUL  landscape with the COOLEST animals 🙂


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