Week one is under our belts…..

and OH what a week!! We started off amazing! Anna was up first just like any other first day of school! Liz was up before me too….but after Anna. We were shooting for an 8:30 am start. We got more of an almost 9am! First things first….decorating and organizing!

We dove into Arts and crafts bin and got busy! Once we had everything sorted and labeled it was time to get down to business!!

Some habits are hard to break 😉 Started at the desk!


Silliness did ensue! Note taking for descriptive words about….ROCKET! One of their FAVORITE subjects! Rocket was all kinds of thrilled. Can’t you tell…

Social studies was all about maps this first week!Latitude and longitude were a hit…..surprisingly! With the girls asking for MORE coordinates!

 We learned that really neat map we got for the Olympics is dry erase TOO! VERY handy!

Then came science…….and our come to Jesus moment of the week….

The experiment went great! Who doesn’t love an experiment you can EAT! Layers of the earth…..in an apple!

Then we turned the kitchen upside down looking for OTHER fruit and vegetables with layers…..This is all we had….Not QUITE what we needed but fun none the less…

Come to Jesus moment…..the third day after a LONG morning I had two antsy girls that wanted to PLAY. They had been a little SILLY that morning, hence the LOOOONG morning! They seemed to be under the impression that since they were at HOME that meant little school and MORE play. We took care of that notion and all is well again…..for now 😉

They opted for a change in scenery….

Journaling about their favorite memory….outside! Anna was reminiscing about her trip to see Mike the Tiger in Baton Rouge and Liz was all about her first hunting trip with her daddy!

Friday was a BUSY day! We had our cousin Joan come out and start a foreign language. Spanish it is!

They are VERY interested in languages….which makes it even MORE great that we HAVE Joan because I am NOT great at languages! LOL

But cousin Joan isn’t playing and there WILL be a test! I think the books and flashcards and colored dry erase markers make it all worth while! Then daddy rained out and taught them all about topographical maps! AND the chalkboard pain was DRY and it was TIME to PLAY!!

Learning styles came into play MAJOR this week! Anna was thrilled to “walk straight from the school room into the house”! SHe is a quick study who picks things up really quick…..and then loses half of it! Uh oh! Retention will be a by word for her! Liz takes longer but holds it longer……she also holds on longer to what SHE believes is the right answer! We had an issue….with a box. …..NOT being the answer but she thought it was and  no matter which way we went she kept coming BACK to the BOX! OH MY GAWD! One minor “STOP WITH THE BOX” later and we were back on track! LOL


Mostly highs…..

a few frustrations….

completely AWESOME!!

Coming up we have our next reading book. We are going to be putting some major focus on the trials and tribulations of women getting the RIGHT to VOTE! It will be in our literature and our social studies….and maybe in our science…..

All in all…….a WIN week 🙂


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Deven
    Aug 21, 2012 @ 10:27:35

    What a wonderful first week! Great Job, Mom!


  2. Lisa
    Aug 25, 2012 @ 11:33:58

    Glad to see you all survived! Go to http://www.discoveryeducation.com. Great website with wonderful videos that are all educational.. I used to use them ALL THE TIME in my class. Great way to teach science and social studies/history. I know you have to register—not sure if it costs anything because MCPSS always paid for everything like that. Worth checking it out though…seriously!


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