A very merry UNschool day to you…..

Public school started back on Monday August 20th. It was a lot of fun watching all the pictures pop into my Facebook feed of all the kiddos in their bright, shiny, new uniforms and back packs! This MAY have been one of things we looked forward to MOST…….NO UNIFORMS! BUT  I have a picture EVER year of my kids in front my house on the first day of school so this year would be no different. With the uniforms of OUR choice. PJ’s!!

We are READY to go! PARTY time! Since the weather has been SO rainy around here we threw them straight in the pool while the pancakes cooked! Even the puppies were in on the action and in on the party!

Time to eat 🙂 Chocolate chip pancakes and bacon were the breakfast of choice…..topped off with chocolate milk! This may have been the LEAST healthy  breakfast they have ever had!! hahahaha

Because of all the recent rain the pool was COLD! Justin’s little teeth were chattering so everyone got dressed and decided to warm up watching a movie……The Smurfs!!! Kids got back into their PJ’s and snuggled  into circle chairs to enjoy the show!!

So if we are going for unhealthy lets go all in! Pizza and cookies for lunch! I mean what else would you have!?


Silly Aunt Caitlin decided to entertain the kiddos with tricks! Gold fish and a flip top cup was all she needed…… She really DID catch it the FIRST go round. Theeeen things got a little more difficult 😉

Justin was thoroughly amused! I don’t think Aunt Caitlin realized how many times a 4-year-old can say “do it again”!

He was one happy kid all the way around…….but then came the COOKIES! Out of them all little man picked the paint set! The best thing about these cookies is they taste as good as they look! we love our cookie lady!

We lucked up and got a SUNNY day that warmed up the water and sent the kids back in! What a great day it turned out to be! 🙂 That is one HAPPY face!


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