What a busy few weeks it’s been…..

Good intentions and all were to update every week. Make sure people know I haven’t locked my children in a basement and to keep a journal of pictures and anecdotes for us to remember this year by. The girls are already asking if we can make a year book! I am thinking this is something we should start now and work on all year, I am just not sure WHERE we will squeeze in the TIME! LOL

There are so many experiments to do……

One of our firsts was understanding topographic maps and the how and why they are made. That tis involved making play-doh was just a bonus! Justin is a play-doh making pro! Side by side with his nana he got to work…..while the girls got started with theirs!

He had to measure and scoop and pour and stir. He picked green/blue for the color of what would be the girl’s land formations! In the end the dough was split down the middle so some could be for play fun…..and some for school fun 😉

Now down to business. We need a landscape with hills and valleys and mountains! . This will be put in a juice box that has had one side cut off. (On a side note had we been smart we would have cut the OTHER side so the water could have drained out of the carton much easier.) Then a ruler is taped inside the box and blue water poured in 2 inches at a time! After every two inches of water spaghetti sticks are poked in where the water line touches the still exposed land, the plastic sheet is then laid over the top and the spaghetti sticks are marked. Connect the dots and do it all over again…..

Discovered THIS amazing resource as an added bonus! 3D and manipulative!


I would love to say I came up with this nifty little idea all by myself but alas I did not. We are getting the base of our curriculum from a neat program at completecurriculum.com where I got 10 ebooks on any 10 subjects at any grade level. They have really great experiments all through that use easy kitchen items! The girls had a lot of fun with this one……

BUT I think it’s time for a get together with friends! To the (really big) pool to meet up with our ECA buddies!

We recently partnered with an organization called SouthBARK! My girls were wanting to get a new dog and I kept seeing face after face of these poor animals stuck in a shelter or worse, on death row!! Since we can’t take in ALL of them we have decided to Foster SOME of them. Our first one was Eeyore. Poor thing was sad eyed, scrawny, and faded when he walked in our home! One week later he headed out to WI happy, healthy, and ready for his furever home 😉

Rocket was less than thrilled with the newest addition! LOL We got an update email and Blue has found a furever home! The kids are thrilled!

The very best part of this home schooling journey so far HAS to be how it has brought us together and how we are able to personalize everything to fit US! From Anna going over numbers with Justin just for the fun of it, to Justin “teaching” the girls their (his) numbers by writing them on the chalkboard!

To our own timeline to show them where they, and those they love, fit into history! So far we have where their birth’s, mine, nanas, and grandpa’s fall along the line….now we will begin to add in historical moments and inventions!  Might help ME keep track TOO!

So far that is just a small portion of our last few weeks. I had more to add but will do that later…this has gotten REALLY long! It hasn’t all been peaches and cream. WE have had our frustrations and are still working out kinks. but this next week starts co op classes, art history at the museum, and our first home school field trip! Exciting stuff still yet to come….


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  1. Lisa Counselman
    Sep 15, 2012 @ 18:39:04

    Looks like yall are having a good time and learning a lot. Nobody is dead yet, so it is a success! 🙂 Good job, Mrs. Mom! 🙂


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