I don’t think I have lost my mind…..but there are moments….

WOW things have gotten MUCH crazier since my last post! We have added Art/Art history classes and co op to our regular schedule. Throw in field trips and 4H community service and time has become a valuable commodity and I am finding the need to pick and choose and (maaaan) having to say no to some opportunities!

The Mobile Museum of Art offers Art classes for home schoolers and the price is AMAZING! $75 for the first child and only $15 for each additional child! This includes all the art supplies! The classes will run from now through December every other Wednesday. Justin just does art but the girls get an hour of art history and then an hour of hands on art. The neatest part is that they are able to walk out of the classroom right to the actual art they are learning about and see it first hand!

After art we can feed ducks behind the museum and then head across the bridge to play at the park! P.E. and socializing 🙂

Co op came next and I was a TAD nervous as I had signed up to help in TWO classes! A very large science class…..

I shouldn’t have worried though. After the initial “omg where do I sit, who is here, How does this work” of a first day of class the kids all settled in and their competitive natures took over! Anna’s team won the challenge of getting the marshmallow to the highest point using spaghetti noodles, tape and string!

The other class I help in is the K-2nd grade cooks! This sounded fun…and it WAS!

Apples and ants!! A little unsure, but they loved it in the end 🙂

Co op is where we will go weekly for classes and hanging out with friends and field trips and dances and yearbooks and more! I have joined a really great group and I am really excited about all the things we have coming up……and the support. Some days I still feel just this side of crazy and they assure me it’s normal and we are doing fine!

Biggest experiment these past few weeks HAD to be making Rock Candy!! We will be doing this again, only with GLASS cups! The boiling hot sugar-water almost collapsed our cups!


Longest 5 days EVER and it should have been 7!  I read it wrong. OOPS! The only difference it should have made was bigger crystals. The kids were pretty happy with the results! We will be making them again. They actually came in handy too! When we were discussing crystal shapes in minerals. They broke crystals off and turned them in their hands to see the shape.

Most FUN this past few weeks… SPIRIT WEEK!!

Day 1 ~ Home school away from home day! We hit the Library and Nana’s. Topped off with math in the pool. This really didn’t work that well! LOL LOTS of wet pages!

Day 2 ~ Comfy Cozy day! Loved this day! PJ’s and Pillows and blankets! This is the way to do school!

Day 3 ~ CRAZY sock day! Since we had art today at the Museum I am glad this day wasn’t TOO crazy! LOL These played a role in the 4th day’s spirit day FUN…..

Day 4 ~ Mis Match day! This fell on co-op day and all the kids at co-op jumped in on the fun! It was so neat to see all the crazy that came out of the kids closets!!

The 5th day was twin day and my girl’s weren’t really into that! So when we headed down town to see the woman peak about her relatives on the Titanic they were dressed as their own selves 🙂

AND another way too long post! MUST get better at posting more regularly! WE are still moving right along with this and enjoying all the perks! Have a few things still to tweak and get in better shape, but I think that happens over time 🙂


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  1. Susan Todd
    Oct 02, 2012 @ 06:59:30

    Love it Erin you are doing a great job and all your ideas are a benefit to our group! 🙂


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