Little more crazy means a little more fun….right? LOL

I know. I know. It’s been FOREVER. Turns out I am so many time busier than I ever thought I would be! We are still loving this home schooling adventure but I have made some rookie mistakes that are evening out!

1) SO much to DO we want to do it ALL! Over scheduled to the max! The opportunities out there for home schooled kids is extensive and growing. It was so hard to say no to all the exciting things! About mid November I started to feel like I was drowning. thanks to the help of my many veteran home school mommies I was able to step back and prioritize. Not saying it’s not still hard to say no…..but it happens  much more than it did 😉





2) Get ORGANIZED ahead of time!! Next year I will take a day away from it all (maybe the beach 😉 all by myself?!) to get the curriculum planned out for at least 6 months. Then do it again at the mid way point. Week or two weeks at time didn’t work for me and caused some morning confusions that knocked us off schedule and left me stressed out!


             So far my girls favorite things to do in-house are watching CNN student news to kick off our mornings and seeing what strange new journal topic greets them in the morning and getting to do school works…..anywhere, as long as it gets done! Least favorite of the in-house stuff would be expected to take on more in the chore department, and mama KNOWING when and what has to be done, and NOT being able to do work anywhere in the house when they don’t get done what they need to. 😉


Favorite  thing out of house would be the field trips, being in on all the shopping trips, and getting to be involved in some pretty neat  but out of the box stuff! Least favorite…field trips not being all about fun and silliness, being drug all over town to boring stores, and not knowing what is coming next! LOL


Starting this January a new adventure within our adventure….JUSTIN school!  He is doing so good and it’s so much fun! We aren’t pushing too hard yet but we are making our routine and learning where to tweak! His writing is getting so much better and he is so proud of his work. We display it on the fireplace for when daddy gets home to check it out 😉



 The more days pass the more I am loving this decision. With all the interaction with other kids and all that they are picking up I am thinking this adventure is growing legs…..


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