A (regular) day in the life of (our) home schooling ;)

Well, as regular as it gets! Most of my posts are about  the fun stuff. I mean, let’s face it, that’s what is fun to photograph AND see! I will also say that it has been my hardest balance.


Do we stay home and read about the tragedy of the Titanic in a book? Or do we go meet a person who had family survive the sinking tell us their first hand accounts?


Do we stay home and learn about Columbus crossing the ocean from the history book? Or do we go see EXACT replicas of the ships he sailed and the artifacts within?


Even math is finding real world applications! They want X special treat? Well, There are 3 of you and you want X treat times 3 plus the 9% sales tax….what’s your total? Is it worth it? You want a pet Lizard? Well Start up is $75 plus monthly $15 times 6 months. Do you think that’s a lot? What will you do at what pay rate to get it?


The things to do and places to go and people to meet are ENDLESS….BUT there is still school work to do to get the basics. It’s not as fun as the trips and not so much different from regular school. Except that it can be done in PJ’s, concepts go much faster, problem areas are addressed immediately and extensively, and bathroom breaks aplenty 😉


Every morning starts with breakfast and CNN Student News! We LOVE Carl Azuz! I have been impressed with the unbiased nature of the show and the girls like the delivery being fast and loud and sometimes silly! They are kept updated on current events around the world and make use of the ability to pause the show and look up where on a map and ask questions for clarification!

What subject comes first varies day-to-day and what we need to accomplish. Today first up was Math! No reason, just because. Sometimes the girls get a say….sometimes not so much. Gotta love that flexibility 🙂



Math is math no matter where you are. To learn a new concept means paying attention and practice. The upside is that when they don’t get it we refocus and try again. Today’s came pretty easy! YAY!

Next up….science! Review today…no experiments.


I mean who couldn’t use a little puppy love while going over Newton’s three Laws of Motion?!

Look who decided to join us in the classroom today 🙂


Most days he does his work at his own table on his own time. He is still only four so his workload is pretty light…..that doesn’t mean he doesn’t work hard!


DSC_6469And thinks his mama and her camera are crazy 😉 LOL

He already knows so much. All his letters, colors,  shapes, and most numbers! This week our focus is the letter “P” , not because he doesn’t KNOW it, but because he needs more practice WRITING it! Making the pencil/crayons/scissors/glue do what he wants, where he wants, is our main focus…..that doesn’t mean we can’t have FUN!

What starts with “P” that we can make in our kitchen and play with right away?!





He measured and scooped and poured and stirred. The pay off to all that math was getting to play with it…..although I swear the mixing part was just as much fun for him 😉

With so much going on the morning FLEW by! Lunch time!


Mini ravioli, green beans, and garlic toast was what was on today’s menu. Liz literally licked her plat clean! LOL Then the whole troop headed out, dogs in tow, to play basketball and run around.

After lunch was Language Arts and prepping for a 5 paragraph essay. Writing is a struggle point so no pictures and lots of focus. They got the outlines written and we hit the library for a little more research tomorrow!

History is about to get a turn over. New curriculum is on its way. The current Social Studies we are using has a lean that I don’t like. I want them to learn the history, not to sympathize with the bad guys, and at many points in history the “bad” guy is very clear. Anywho, Story of the World is what we are going with,it has the added advantage of starting with the Nomads and working through history to the present. VERY excited to get started with this!

Now the not as fun part of the day for the girlies….CHORE time! In addition to keeping their room and their bathroom clean they have their own chores. Liz is dishes and Anna laundry…..

DSC_6504 DSC_6508

and they are FABULOUS!

We finish a little later…but we start a little later. Gone are 5am, drag em out of bed, days. We start school at 8:30am. Some days are finished sooner than others. Some days last longer than others.

Even on this regular day we get to an extra ordinary thing….

New babies in our house!!


The kids are so excited to begin this adventure again…..Best class pets EVER! 😉

Happy Kids



So that’s it. An average school day. Ready to start over again tomorrow



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