More than a little normal….

The biggest fear when stepping out of the box is that you are stepping out of the box…..and might miss something everyone else is getting! This was, of course, my biggest fear. What were they going to miss out from the “normal” school experiences? And by the things I feared they would miss I mean the FUN things. The SILLY things. The FRIEND things! I was pulling them from the social norm and dropping them off the beaten path! This really should have been the least of my concerns. For every holiday there is a party….or 5. For every public school event there is an equal opportunity. For every field trip we are missing there are omg so many to catch!

I think my final count on Valentine cards was 45, and I am not sure I had enough! The turn out was amazing!


We made up some last-minute boxes, ate some fun food and just hung out in the park with friends for a few hours!



We had 4 different parties to choose from that day with one having a total of close to 200 kids in attendance! The problem during holidays isn’t IF but WHERE!


With spring time comes dance time, and for several years I have watched as friends girl’s go through the rite of passage of pretty nails, done up hair, and elegant dresses! Was this something they weren’t going to get to experience without the public school safety net! Again….the options! We chose the dance that our covering gave, and it was so worth it!

Pre-party girls day out! Have to get those nails all done up!




Then came make up and hair and picking out sparkley jewlery and getting on lovely dresses and gorgeous shoes and get out the door! this was their first dance and brought back so many memories. the fun of getting to wear make up for the first time and the excitment of bein all dressed up!

DSC_8640 DSC_8646

And my GOODNESS they sure do lean up beautifully! They look entirely too grown up!

DSC_8674 DSC_8672

The dance was everything they could have wanted and more with a s’mores bar , seated dinner, and the newest songs brought all the kids to the dance floor!

DSC_8686 DSC_8777

DSC_9154 DSC_8783

All the kids acted like all kids I have ever seen at a middle school dance. They danced silly and shyly asked others to dance.  Some stood in the center leading the show and others on the fringes talking and dancing only a little. I had one of each! Liz was in the center of the circle or dancing down the line or going under the limbo stick! Anna stood on the edges, sometimes forgetting where she was and starting to dance! It was great!

The best part of this is that there have been no lack of amazing girls that have become such GREAT friends!


All in all it’s more than a little normal 😉


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