Time4Learning…..The Review.

We have had Time4Learning for the past month and were trying it out for Justin for Kindergarten next year.

Getting started took  few tries and a visit to the FAQ section AND the facebook page. I HIGHLY recommend watching the “how-to” videos in the FAQ section to get started!  Once I figured it all out it was not difficult for him. There are differences between the demo and the real deal.  There is MUCH more content in the real deal!

The good points are that there is a great deal of content that is well-organized and easy to follow. There are arrows to tell him what to do next and he earned time in the “playground. The playground is a section of the program where they are able to play silly games and it’s timed to make sure they get their work done.

I had problems with my computer connecting to the site and had to run it in a default mode every time. It kept saying that my Java was turned off but it wasn’t. Also I had originally thought this would run on his NABI which would have been a huge bonus for our on the move lifestyle but it didn’t.  This kept us entirely too tethered!

We will not be using Time4Learning any further though as it does not meet our needs. Justin has been on the computer playing games at such sites as PBSKids.org and NickJr.com so he is used to a certain speed and  level of graphics that wasn’t quite there with this program. He didn’t care for the repetitiveness of the program, complaining that he had already DONE that.

Justin is a little advanced though and might have benefited from going up a grade level so it may have just been that and Time4 learning allows that! He is also a more hands on learner and sitting (still) in front of the computer made him very fidgety and unhappy!

All in all it wasn’t a bad program. With a great deal of content and the ability to move up or down in grades as needed it could work for many people!! It just wasn’t a very good fit for us!


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