The final dash……

Here we go….finishing out the year! This year has just FLOWN by which amazes me to no end! Four more weeks and we start our summer break and OMG what a few weeks we have! Food Pantry, Fire house to visit, Set building, dress rehearsals, final co ops, spring fling, Marine Center, and Alice in Wonderland on stage!

And oh yeah…school work 😉 We have plenty of that to round out the year!


Busy busy busy!

In the last few weeks we have been working on several projects that will lead into things we will use in the coming year! They really enjoyed the genealogy library.

IMG_1186 IMG_1189 IMG_1191

They were most interested in the comics and what was playing at the movies and on TV way back when. When we go back the woman at the library offered genealogy classes for our Home School group! This will be something we get into this summer. We know a lot about my family so they are ready to dig into their daddy’s family! This library has newspapers going all the way back to 1881 and birth and death records way back too!

then there was the cemetery. I had forgotten how awesome those really old cemeteries were!

IMG_1193 IMG_1196

Tried to show the girls how to do a headstone rubbing, but I only had lined school paper so it didn’t work perfectly but we were able to make out the name MILLER where we weren’t before! With Anna’s current obsession with ghost stories, and the really cool old local cemeteries, I think we might go exploring those too!

sotwLately a few people have been asking me about possibly home schooling next year. I would love to talk to anyone about it. As of now we have no intention of putting the kids back into the public school. I do not see what we are missing out on. The kids have an amazing group of friends they see on a regular basis, are involved the extra curricular activities and most importantly……they are EXCITED to learn. They ASK to learn and they have rediscovered a love of reading! It still isn’t easy every day, but we are finding it well worth it. If you have ANY questions about it please let me know. I wouldn’t have been able to do this without my amazing home school support system 🙂


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