Wrapped it up and ready for a (short) break!

Oh my WOW what a year!

It took going back over the pictures to make the collage to realize the extent of the amazing of this year!

Ribbet collage

We have made it through our first full year home schooling with 182 days on the books! I am really happy with our year! Mid year things got a little rocky but the new year brought everything together.

The girls have an amazing group of friends and my little loner Justin has even picked up a couple of good buddies!!


We are now taking a much deserved break and enjoying sleeping in and hitting some fun places while the crowds are really small with all the public schools still in. We have THREE end of the year pool parties, will be hitting the beaches and having our run of the Exploreum and Museums downtown!

I will be taking the time to get organized!


My biggest problem over the last year was getting organized and I felt behind the eight ball a few times too often! I am ready to get it together over our time off.

It’s curriculum picking time which is always tough but I am ALMOST there and I am so excited!!

Justin will officially start Kindergarten! Since he already know so much this will have to be customized (must get organized!)! I am gathering up a TON of FREEBIE packets on Pinterest but the base line will be


A FREE online home schooling site! He is SUPER excited to be official!

The girls will be doing math through the freebie site above, Lang arts through CompleteCurriculum.com, Looking into HOLT text books for Science and Social studies….

and of course co op 🙂

I am VERY VERY excited to be part of a Home school 101 seminar on Saturday, May 18th from 9:30-11:30 at West Regional!! If you are interested in jumping into this crazy/awesome world please come!

We will be taking 4-6 weeks off while I get things together and enjoy some fun and sun but will be summer schoolin’!  🙂

Now for some fun in the sun…..



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