Summer Learnin’….Let’s GO!


Oh my oh my it’s that time again! After six weeks of fun and relaxation (hahahaha) we are ready to hit the books again!

“WHAT?! during the summer? Man, that’s tough! No summer break? No fun with friends. I am SO glad I don’t home school”

Yeah, I have heard it all…..and will remember that during our extended breaks when the weather is cooler and the crowds are gone! LOL We will school year round. We started it last summer, due more to lack of transportation more than anything, but we really loved the leeway it gave us during the rest of the year to enjoy more frequent breaks! So the plans were made……


Lesson plans for the girls….AND Justin! But wait!! Justin can’t start kindergarten in some BORING area….no. way. Lets see what we can do about that!

This old entertainment center…………………….became a WHOLE lot brighter!



Add some Dollar Tree fun borders and bright paper and stickers and voila!  I think we have a fun area to learn now! By the by I put this all together Sunday night, last minute, and he woke up to it. He loved it!

He wasn’t the only one with fun stuff! I mean the BEST part about starting school is bright  and shiny new supplies!


The bugged me for DAYS to get to put this stuff together….but I held them off…until the first day 😉


They put it all together and decided how best they wanted to organize it. Works for me, their ideas were very sound and will hopefully it will help keep them organized.

It’s not all work and no play though. Once fall comes around, and for most of the school year, at least one day a week will be devoted to a co-opish type deal. We won’t be joining an actual co-op this year but doing a more flexible schedule that meets our needs.  So, for now, we are working with a four day work week. Which leaves time for such things as…..



Girl club fun! Hanging out with their best girl friends. They really do have a great group of friends and the sleepover plans in the works are going to be so much fun!

We are also making sure to make time for community service projects.  For the last six months we have made time to work at the Bay Area Food Bank, which allowed us to participate younger than 14 years old….which is a tough find! Recently we discovered that The S.H.A.C.K. and ARF, two local animal rescue groups, ALSO allow younger kids to help out! Now THIS is right up their alley in a way nothing else is!



Turned out I was right on this one….and they almost had to be dragged out of the place! They were asking WHEN we were going back before we were out of the driveway. They were filthy and hot and sweaty and scratched up and oh so happy!

So that’s it… week in and back into the swing of things…next up….week 2 🙂



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