Week of…….Aug 26th….a VERY busy one!

Ok….Let’s try this again!
The original plan was a weekly blog where I can look back on what we did and keep track should anyone ask of the ins and outs of our home schooling adventure! I am laying bets I make it MAYBE three weeks. 😉 The thing is that I had already forgotten everything we had done this week by Sunday! Monday seemed like FOREVER ago when I pulled back up the pictures! So let’s see what this week brought…..
Kicking off the week pretty slow. Lots of round the house work! The girls are kinda boring….
 Justin is WAY more fun!
He is learning ALL about HIM this week! Think Address and Phone number and where on the planet he fits! WE are also starting to focus on numbers 11-15. He gets everything on either side…..but THAT needs some work!


Everything had to be done by 1pm because we had a yearbook meeting to get to! Anything NOT finished was……homework? LOL One of the things I have loved about homeschooling is watching them figure out time management. They have this much work to do in this day. They can have it completed by noon…..or 8pm, It’s completely up to them and they are starting to figure that out!


A go NOWHERE day!!

These don’t happen often so we took advantage! Cleaning happened. School work happened. COOKING happened! We read Charlie Goes Back to School! It’s a fabulous book that involves a really cute ranch hound name Charlie and his home schooling family! Justin GASPED when we go to the page that showed that! ALL of the “back to school” episodes and books are always geared to going to a classroom! This was great! So we made Charlies favorite strawberry oatmeal bars!



Justin is learning so much helping cooking…. fractions AND patience 🙂 And omgoodness those oatmeal bars were AMAZING! It was a great end to a nice and easy day……let the crazy begin again on…..


Todays going to be busy. ALL three kids have projects to do AND we have to get the poodle skirt started AND it’s the first book club meeting!!

School first…..we are home schooling away from home this week! Nana is our sewing guru and all around home ec goddess! So we went to HER house. Plus it’s fun to go do school there. LOL

wed1 (5)wed1 (4)

wed1 (6)

Now it’s time for the projects. Sticking with the “All about me” theme Justin made a poster all about himself! He got tired of the writing about halfway through the boy’s shirt! LOL Writing is still not his favorite thing.  But he finished it. Then we added pictures of his family…which of course included family PUPPIES!

wed1 (2)

wed1 (7)

The girls are learning all about the digestive system….how to make that fun-ish. Lets try markers and drawing on clothes!! Ok. It’s just an apron. But still..

wed1 (11)wed1 (8)

wed1 (13)

They LOVED them! They (we?) discovered parts they didn’t know were there!  Hoping this helped with memory too! They had to draw and look and draw and look then trace and look and trace and look HAHAHA. It took about an hour from start to finish!

Book club time! First meeting was just 50’s based for the soc hop coming on Friday!

wed1 (15)

Next month starts reading Dracula and having group discussions!


Back at Nana’s today. Have to get that poodle skirt finished!! The big day is tomorrow, and yesterday had a LITTLE too much squeezed into it! LOL So after the girls finished school work they home ec’d with Nana and Justin got his art time on!


Now, I am trying to get a better handle on balancing my crazy and there are of course things that fall through the cracks! One of the things that stresses me out majorly is having dinner ready when the redneck gets home. So this week I am attempting freezer crock pot meals!

thurs1 (2)

thurs1 (3)thurs1


I also bulk bought snack foods and divvied them out into baggies! Hopefully this will help the way this type food just seems to disappear! PLUS it was cheaper than buying prepackaged in individual servings. ANYwhere i can save on groceries is a HUGE bonus!

I got the meals from…



Soc Hop Prep day AND dance!

Let’s get it all set up and ready to go…



Time with friends!



A FUN night all the way around!


All the kids pitched in to help clean up…even the littles!

Friday was the FANTASTIC day!


The week went great! Friday we called a free day to FULLY enjoy the soc hop festivities….so Sunday turned into a make up day!

ONE more thing to round out the week….we discovered SCRABBLE cheeze-its!! Reading is going to be SO much fun next week! 😉

thurs2 (2)

**Up next week…First kick ball of the school year AND our first Biology lab!


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