P.E. and Biology labs kick off, a lost tooth, and flat tire…..and we made it!

~This week is brought to you by the number *12*, and the animal The Rhinoceros~
It was a Labor Day week….but there is no rest for the weary 😉
Holidays/rain out days where we still school mean the DAD is home. This is a game changer.  We have our routine, and he doesn’t exactly fit in it. So we sent him running! He headed to return later…..
With Krispy Kreme donuts…..that’s right, they NEEDED donuts. Said so right in their curriculum!  School is gooood.
**First Day of School Arts and Crafts**
I managed to miss our first day of school and the public school first day and it was looking like these wouldn’t get dine before CHRISTMAS! So first day after labor day it is!  To make things extra special the Nana was brought in on the fun!
And then a quick trip to the Enviromental center with friends. There were birds and reptiles and bug eating plants!!  There was also feeding turtles and geese Honey Nut Cheerios! LOL I can’t imagine what they thought of THAT!
^^^Craziest birds I ever did saw^^^
WooHOOOO Home school shirts came in!
Just in time for……..P.E. Kick off this week!!
The turn out was fantastic. The weather couldnt make up it’s mind. The van had a flat.
Yeah……one of those kind of days! So many people came and even more promising to turn out next time! I waved people to where we were set up from the parking lot. Where I had a flat tire! The people on the field suddenly found themselves in a sunny rainstorm! No thunder or lightening meant great memories of some soaking wet  kickball fun! Back to the flat….Me and three kids wont FIT in a tow truck and I didn’t have the special tool to get the tire, so super nana came to the rescue!
Flat tire or no the week still goes on……..
Must prep for a dr Who Anniversay sleepover and so a Thrift store trip was called for, which also coinsided fatatstically with a percentage lesson in math!  Americas Thrift Store Offers percetages off clothes depending on the tag color.
So the shopping commenced, with math to follow…
The plan is for Anna to be the David Tennet Dr, Kaitlyn to be the Matt Smith Dr. Who and Liz to be a weeping angel! There is a script written and a video planned to be made. I can’t wait to SEE it!!
Yeah…this doesnt look like trouble 😉
Then the tooth fell out….
IMG_1232It was a joyous event that was much anticipated and talked about. We put the tooth in a dated ziplock bag and under the pillow. Whe the tooth fairy came…there was NO TOOTH! When asked about it in the morning I found out that Justin had moved it and decided to KEEP it! Which is working out great for the next school weeks lesson, on TEETH!
Is the week over yet? No not quite! We still have TWO major events!! A Biology lab Kick off AND a 20 person dinner party for the kids to shop or, cook, serve, and clean up!
Biology lab up first! These will be bi weekly! On the inbetween weeks we have exploreum labs! First up classifying!
Time for DINNER!!!
They went shopping……
They cooked….I swear…they really did….
They served us….
And then they cleaned up……
With it being such another WILD week and pretty much nothing more than a math field trip getting accomplished on Thurday, Saturday became a make up day. The funny thing  is…..they really don’t mind! They were up and ready to go. No complaints. They are doing such a great job. This week they started Dracula. Their book club starts meeting next Friday.
Will someone tell me when the lazy days start?! LOL Next week we  have wedding prep, and Dr. Who Anniversary to celebrate, and book club and Explorem labs to kick off! OH…and a TIRE to replace! So do NOT have time for THAT!



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