Let us see what it’s like in BRAZIL!!

Last month we decided to start basing Justin’s geography lessons on a neat little program called Little Passports! The first month we got his little blue suitcase and his passport. We got a map of the world and postcard of the boy and girl he would be following around the world! Sam and Lola. The next month came his first, official, country…..


This is very exciting! TONS of great animals in Brazil AND they celebrate Carnival!! VERY similar to our Mardi Gras and just in time!


The Brazil packet came with a letter from Sam and Lola telling about their adventures in Brazil, a sticker for his suitcase, a postcard from Brazil with a Red Uakari Monkey on the front, a passport sticker, and an amethyst. There was also a boarding pass number that gets Justin into a special part of the website!

There he played soccer….


And got a tour of Brazil…




These are just a few of the neat things it took us too! Unfortunately Little Passport in itself is just not enough so we have added in….extras.

First up….a lapbook to really let us get to know the country!

DSC_7791 DSC_7792

He learned new words like “population” and “currency” aaaannnd got to glue and color stuff!


This lapbook was FREE at homeschoolshare.com. I love their stuff!


Ok….break time. EVERY school lesson should include a little Donald Duck…

The Duck loves Brazil….

Back to work! Or not? Jaguars roam the rainforests of Brazil. Sooo we needed one to roam OUR house!

DSC_7793 DSC_7794 DSC_7795


He will have to dry over night and will be ready to put together for tomorrow…..when we start reading Jan Brett’s The Umbrella


and dig more deeply into the rainforests and all that they hold!


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