Food fun in science and geography this week!! Carnival cake and Jello Cells!

Finished up Brazil with Carnival! Very similar to our Mardi Gras so we had some fun with it. Including decorating masks!



We had a great time!

Let’s make CAKE! I never could find out for sure if they make king cakes in Brazil but we love it and since they are very similar we decided to give it a go!

A cinnamon roll King Cake!

Winn Dixie cinnamon rolls work the best! They are the easiest to unroll!


Place one roll on the sheet with one end slightly unrolled. Take a second roll and connect the round part it to the tail of the first roll,  while leaving it’s end unrolled…..


Keep doing this until you have your oval! I use three cans…..but my family loves this stuff!


Bake according to the instructions on the package…..and you have this!


ready for icing!! Which conveniently comes with the cinnamon rolls! With the help of a little food color…..and more sugar than we could use….

DSC_8069  DSC_8071  DSC_8072

There is always left over sugar from this and the kids love to use it in their cereal or for some colorful cinnamon toast in the days after!




We finished out Brazil with some coloring pages and a review of what he had learned! He did great but is very excited about our next destination….CHINA!

In the mean time the girls got into the food fun in science!!

A cell model…..out of pantry finds!! The base was grape Jello!


 It’s color is a little funny because I stuck it in the freezer once I slid it out of the bowl to firm it back up! I pulled out sprinkles, candy balls, colored gel icing, blue melty chocolate, nerds, a tub of icing, and some cupcakes…….then I let the girls go! Where and what was left up to them. I snapped a couple of pictures and then let them do their thing! This is a little new as when they were in school and had projects I knew “they” were up against all the other kids (parents) and so everything needed to be just so and we were ALL stressed out in the end!

DSC_8113 DSC_8119


They grabbed the toothpicks and paper and labeled it all and it turned out great! They still can’t pronounce every part of the cell but they sure enjoyed eating the finished product!


The week just isn’t made until we have brought food into the learning somewhere! With Ancient Greece coming up for the girls and China for the boy I am really looking forward to the next few weeks in food! 😉


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