Destination China ~ Part 1 Pandas, Sugar cubes, and a trip in Mr. Peabody’s Way Back machine!

Our trip to China began with exploring a love of Pandas! While getting last-minute China stuff together Sunday night I decided to check out panda cams and stumbled onto a pandacam in Chengdu, China! You could check out adult pandas, young pandas, panda cubs, and a mama panda with her cubs! Justin was SO excited and we went through all the cameras several times! It was almost like being there…..almost!
At 8:30 pm our time (central standard) it was 10:30 am in China! We were able to catch the cubs getting fed! Justin was also fascinated by the fact that you could see people walking behind the enclosure. It made it more real and he asked all kinds of questions about if they were really people FROM China and what language they spoke!
Untitle 2
The next morning bright and early school got started! Before we could dive in to the new country we had Lang. Arts and Math to do…..but that doesn’t mean we couldn’t enjoy the pandas!
IMG_5691 DSC_8325
The only problem was that when I suggested this I didn’t take into account the time difference! OOPS! LOL So I hooked it up  so that we could stream the San Diego zoo live cam during regular school stuffs! THIS was a huge hit! Although I  had to redirect the girls back to their school work a time or two….
Time for ART!
It was Panda-monium! His sweet stuffed animal was a recent addition to his corral of stuffed animals! Perfect timing! This project  turned out to be a fantastic incentive to get his morning work done with a quickness! His newest stuffed pal turned into his muse and he concentrated closely on getting all the paint just so.  Love the way it turned out!
DSC_8649 has a fantastic FREE lapbook on Pandas! It’s a 30 page lapbook and included this mini-book! The mini book was great at putting the size and habits of these amazing creatures into perspective for him! The rest of the lapbook will be spread out over the rest of his study! They also have a China lapbook that we will get started on too!
Omgoodness the resources are endless!
While stuck inside during some COLD weather and in need of distraction, I decided tackling the Great Wall of China would be fun….but FIRST he needed to learn a little more about it! We were in need of a Way Back machine and Mr Peabody!
The complete historical accuracy is a little….off. But Justin is only 5 years old so I am thinking we can focus on that later 😉 He LOVED this episode and wanted to keep watching more! But the sugar cubes and glue would not wait….
DSC_8596 DSC_8602 DSC_8606DSC_8609DSC_8619 DSC_8620    DSC_8632DSC_8639
Sooooo just an FYI sugar cubes are not square. This becomes a bit of a problem when you start to add the second level. LOL This added another level of concentration, where he had to make sure they were all level and not sideways,  but he did great! This one was off the cuff so no links to follow. He only did this wall  one row wide but it held up without a problem. Downside? He doesn’t want to throw it out! This could be a problem……we will tackle when we leave China 😉
Finally for some silly with some real life language connection! This website has some wonderful resources..
But the most fun for Justin was the cartoon! Which he watched over and over…
I have a feeling I will be hearing this many more times before we leave China. He was fascinated!
The next up for the last half of the week is gearing up for, and celebrating, the Chinese New Year! It’s the year of the horse!!

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