A very happy year of the horse! China we had fun!! China part 2




We made a DAY of it! Even his math and Language arts were centered around celebrating the Chinese New year!

I found this NEAT little printable book that has a very similar format to the Eric Carle Brown Bear Brown Bear books! It goes through all 12 of the Chinese zodiac in order! this was probably a little below his level and could be used for younger kids, but he enjoyed it and we read it over and over!


Red dragon, Red Dragon,

What do you see?

I see a green snake looking at me!

Green snake, green snake,

what do you see?

I see a brown horse looking at me……

It wasn’t the easiest of downloads. I couldn’t figure out right away how to get to it from the pinterest pin, but it was totally worth the search! Go to the link below and click on the picture of the dragon with the words written across it! It will take you right where you need to be!


We moved on to math which included counting to ten in Chinese characters, which he did pretty well at replicating, and measuring.

IMG_5835 IMG_5841 IMG_5839

I used packets for this from Teachers Pay Teachers (free)


& Royal Baloo (also FREE)


His nifty Dragon came from Oriental trading company! I also have him a sweet “year of the horse” frame to put together once I get a picture printed out for him to put in it! Oriental trading has been a great resource, but even better when you have a group to go in with you o stuff! This particular craft was great! All bright colors and bells!

IMG_5836 IMG_5856

We finished out this day with lunch from a favorite local Chinese place.


Yum!! We enjoyed this part of the day entirely too much 😉

The next week was focused on the finer details of China! Homeschoolshare.com has again come through with a fantastic lapbook!


The great thing about these lapbooks is they really help Justin relate to something very far away.  From the graph that compares huge populations of people side by side, to reinforcing the concept of time zones, and the maps of where the country is, all these things bring a foreign world closer. In this one he also was able to write his numbers and name in a foreign language. THAT was his favorite part of this particular lapbook!


Like most kids Justin’s biggest obsession is with animals. So for every country we bring in the animals. As I said in the last post our focus here was Pandas. We watched some more live feed of the Pandas in China, and then spent a day (or two) putting together a lapbook  on them!


I know we do a lot of these lapbooks. Justin doesn’t love writing and these get him to practice writing, research, and learn specifics of a broad topic, and  they come in little portions to make them easier to put together in his head. The fact they are FREE is a HUGE bonus!



You may remember while were doing Brazil I was using a program called Little Passports. I have since canceled that membership  because I just didn’t feel it was worth it. What they provided for a country wasn’t enough to even get started with and I knew I could do it better on my own! These CUTE little rubber ducks came from Oriental Trading company as well. Of course after I gave them I realized that these were more Japan than China…..but still too cute! We got a cute passport for Justin to add country stickers too from Little Passports, Oriental Trading has cute ones too. I went ahead and ordered some passport stickers from Oriental Trading too.

1898053_10201543975906084_165397567_n 1898248_10201543975666078_509344094_n

So he still gets to keep a record of all the places we have been! DSC_8707 DSC_8800 DSC_8805

We finished out China with Chinese yo-yos and fireworks!! A fabulous way to leave a country!

Next destination….Russia! We kicked off the winter Olympics in Russia with a Russian meal, I have some fun projects coming up for this country and some great children’s books!

привет (hello) Russia!!


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