Unfamiliar, yet familiar bears and pretty eggs and nesting dolls……..Добро пожаловать в Россию (welcome to Russia)

Добро пожаловать в Россию

(welcome to Russia)


These lapbooks are a great way to kick off any country! A quick glance over the culture and statistics of the country before we jump in! Justin has already started putting together population comparisons between countries we have done……but time zones and flags are now the favorite!


Something I had a hard time finding with Russia were basic country coloring pages! I really like having these and Justin really likes doing them! A few weeks back I ordered a country coloring book from amazon.com. Instead of letting him color in it I have been making copies of the pages.



These pages have a ton of info squeezed into one page AND gives us some good jumping off places……Did you know: The world’s longest railway journey is 5,800 miles from Moscow to Vladivostok, on the Trans-Siberian Railroad! I think it’s safe to say there will be a train project in our future!

One of the highlight of each country is when he gets to watch cartoons, I mean that’s always fun for a 5-year-old right?! So we decided to check out the Russian Winnie the Pooh! Justin really enjoyed this and has watched it every day!

We support our local library….sometimes a little more than we would like 😉


Rechenka’s Eggs is a great story about a Russian woman who paints magnificent eggs. She rescues an injured goose that turns out to have a special talent. Even learning of that talent this woman keeps her promise of setting the bird free…..and learns a valuable lesson.

And of course this meant we needed to decorate some eggs ourselves! Justin did amazingly well with real eggshells that I had removed the yolks from. He used markers and sparkly confetti and big fake jewels and bunches of glue!

DSC_9126 DSC_9132 DSC_9129DSC_9137 DSC_9144 DSC_9141


Big messes mean big fun right? If so he had a blast! What a great Nana he has to allow such shenanigans in her dining room!

We took Nana’s Ipad for a spin too! Way back she tumbled across an app that lets you go AROUND the world! Barefoot World Atlas lets you spin the globe and check out landmarks and geographical features al over the world!


~Pynsanka Museum~


~Cossack Dancer~


~Saint Basil’s Cathedral~

The images on the globe start as cartoons but most have a place where you can pull up the real thing! THAT was his favorite! He went to every spot in Russia, listened to the caption, and pulled up the picture! His least favorite were the ballerinas, his most favorite were the Cossack Dancers!


~Nana’s nesting dolls~

My mama has always had nesting dolls in her house. When Justin is very good he gets to go in his Nana’s pretty curio cabinet and carefully reach in among all her pretty breakables and pick one of the nesting dolls in her collection to play with. It made his WEEK when he found out that he would get to paint his VERY own set! He had to get to Wednesday to do it and then made it through his school work…..it was SO TOUGH! LOL


I found these on amazon too and they couldn’t have been more perfect! Other than a little help on keeping the colors matching Justin did these all on his own! I think they turned out PERFECT!

We have only been spending about two weeks per country but with Russia being so vast I see it stretching into three! We still have several lapbooks left on books we checked from the library and one on tigers in Russia and projects on the amazing architecture! Also, there are  few more Russian cartoons we need to check out…..cartoons are a need…..right? 😉


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