Summer reading and the library adventures!

A few summers back we were looking for some FREE summer fun! I found the beginnings of an idea at our local library. They have a summer reading program where you earn baseball tickets and a free bag just for READING!  It doesn’t get much better than that! This year’s theme is Fizz, BOOM, Read!



Summer reading programs really are the best! It’s the opportunity for kids to throw off the restriction sometimes set on them in school and pick any book, in any section, about ANYTHING!



The sky is the limit!

My kids have always loved the library. The excitement always starts at home as they round-up their library bags, books, and ensure I have their cards (at least 8 times for good measure!). Then we head out to OUR library. You know, that library that is closest to you. The library you have been to a hundred times! Well that summer I got thinking, if they are this excited to go to the library we always visit, how excited would they be to go on a library adventure  to ALL the libraries.

 We have NINE in our county! My idea was simple, we would visit them all! When I told my children you would have thought I said amusement parks instead of libraries!


These are just a couple of our local branches. The kids hit the doors of each one at a run! They were ready to see what was behind the doors of each new branch. The best part became how it motivated them to want to read more! They would get through their chosen books even faster as they were anxious to check out the next branch….


library tc

library moorer springhill

library main library


Another perk of this FREE adventure is that it is something all ages can enjoy! My son was only a year old at this point, but each of our libraries had something hands on for his age to enjoy. They have separate, easy to access, cubby holes of board books for him to flip through all by himself, and man had puzzles and other hands on toys! So while he wasn’t understanding why his sisters were coming out of their skins with enthusiasm as we loaded up the car, he was easily amused once we got there!

library semmes

Then there was the FAVORITE branch of the library. The branch that they thought I was kidding about. Were there really books…..on that bus? This is the branch that they still ask to go back to today!



It was terribly tiny, and the selection was less than anything we had seen. and it didn’t matter.


It was a BUS with BOOKS! We tracked that bus down three more times that summer!

That year my girls doubled the number of books they normally read in a given summer and were always begging for more! It may seem a little nerdy. It may seem silly, but as in most things dealing with children the simple is usually just as thrilling as the big-ticket stuff! The librarians were loving our adventure and gave the kids extra attention, listening to them go on and on about the other locations they had visited! They always left feeling like mini celebrities! I couldn’t have asked for a better outcome to a silly idea!

And at the end of the day we all know…

DSC_8889 words

So go on an adventure!! 🙂









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