Jumping into the third year with lots of NEW going on!!

Holy crap I can NOT believe we are starting our THIRD year of homeschooling!! It just doesn’t seem like it’s been that long! I went back to look at my posts from when we were just getting started and those first few months,  it seems like just yesterday. I am still just as excited, a little less nervous, and feel like I have caught my feet for the most part. We DID end up having days where I threatened to march certain children straight to the uniform store and then to the nearest public school! We gave it the year. After the year I knew we were where I wanted us to be! The girls have no want to go back, and will tell that to anyone who asks. They did think that they could slack off at times and there have been lazy “learning by Netflix” days….and that was better than ok, it was GREAT! The last two years have been fun and unbelievably FULL!


There are some changes we are making to the year coming up….First up, its HIGH SCHOOL!


From the get go I put the girls in the same grade curriculum wise. Just a year apart in age, they would have been doing the same level work had they attended public school.  Anna was heading to a regular public school’s 7th grade, and Liz heading to a magnet school’s 6th! This would have had them both working 7th grade level school work!  So. On July 7, 2014 they will both start the amazing, fun, scary high school years! In all honesty I am equally nervous about teaching Justin all the basics as I am about them heading through high school with. What an exciting milestone! Their classes are American history, Lang Arts, an Engineering science, Algebra 1, and Home ec. One is taking German and one is taking Spanish. Extra curriculuars are going to include volunteering, Home ec, and a few other fun things I am working on! Record keeping is going to be HUGE this year, so I searched until I found exactly what I wanted,  and am getting them filled up and ready for things to be checked off! In the last two years  I have learned that Anna is self motivated and will usually get her stuff done and get it done quickly, but still needs to be watched to make sure she stays on task. Liz is very easily distracted and is painstaking in her work, which means she needs to be prodded along. Justin does best before lunch and with wiggle breaks! 




http://highland.hitcho.com.au/teacherforms.htm (Two Page Monthly Calendar)

New for Justin this year will be his own weekly co op classes! He will take a biology, a logic, a PE, and a geography class with his friends! There will also be fun, free play time….dare I say recess 😉 Last year we found he was getting lost in the shuffle of the girl’s very active, crazy busy, social calender! So this year the Mobile Minis was formed just to keep sweet little brothers from being put on the back burner!  We are going to have bunches of little kid fun with our activities there!

DSC_9641 (2)


Next new development? Money was spent on the afore-mentioned curriculum! Up to now we have done this on a shoe string and a prayer with almost everything being FREE or almost! One of THE best getting started tips I got was to not spend a lot of money up front on curriculum. The smart money is on waiting and trying a few things out and seeing how best your kids learn, after all that’s why we do this right? Curriculum is the scariest and most stressful part of this and when you throw money into the mix it gets even more stressful! Some of what I FINALLY settled on for the coming year….

~Girls high school~

Notgrass Exploring America

history historybooks

“Ray Notgrass’s history courses might better be labeled unit study than history since each course actually covers history, English (literature and composition), and Bible/Religion equivalent to a full credit for each subject area. These are challenging high school courses, written for homeschooling families. They will likely appeal to those who prefer to integrate subjects and wish to teach a biblical Christian (Protestant) worldview and a conservative, limited-government philosophy.”


Hake Grammar       gram                                 Teaching Textbooks Algebra1algebr


~And for Justin~

explode Explode the code and phon phonics pathways for Lang Arts

mqb9nKH1CMactrcTuILUMYwHorizons Math and EarthSpace_Cover_PVr.e.a.l. science odyssey

Wow. Ok. That looks like a LOT! LOL It really isn’t, and I am excited to give it all  a try! The curriculum options are endless. I get a curriculum catalog from https://www.rainbowresource.com/ that is the size of about three phone books! Narrowing it down was almost impossible and I leaned heavily on friends who know waaay more than me! Right now almost every home school mama I know is putting the finishing touches on the coming school year, it’s very cool to have others to commiserate with that are going through the same thing! Wish us luck that all of these work out and we have a great school year!

Last biggest change…..THE NEPHEW BABY!!


That’s right, we are throwing a baby into the mix! To make this a little easier we will be shuffling some furniture, working harder to stay organized, and being a little more flexible. Since he is just the very best baby out there I am sure he will do his level best to help us with all of that! Many of my home schooling mama friends are having friends for him this summer so he will have lots of playmates in the coming months! 


We are ready to go.

I think.

Well as much as we will be 😉 We start back July 7th and catch our first break 8 weeks later, the week of labor day. We will take the whole week off! Maybe hit the beach while it’s still warm but with no crowds? We have a couple of things to get done before we get there though…..alright…..bring on the school year!!



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  1. Rebekah
    Jul 03, 2014 @ 03:45:03

    What’s a phone book? 😛


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