No buses or backpacks…..just first day fun with a little summertime silly to overcome!



Weather Bear was making sure we didn’t forget that it’s still summertime outside, but school must go on……

As with all things homeschool “back to school” comes with a little twist to the traditional. There are no back packs or buses, no must have supply lists or alarm clocks waking you up before the sun! The downside of this is that when little homeschoolers are looking to books, tv, and media for first day of school similarities they tend to get left out in the cold. I am SO glad that last year we discovered a precious book by Ree Drummond called “Charlie Goes to School”. From the moment we flipped to the page that showed schooling like he does it my son lit up! I was taken aback at how much it impacted him! 












It’s such a small and silly thing, but big to a 5-year-old who was being hit from all sides with what back to school was SUPPOSED to look like! The last page of the book is a recipe for Strawberry Oatmeal Bars that are truly wonderful….when you manage to not mangle them as badly as I did this year! Nevertheless Justin has decided making them, and this book,  are to be our yearly traditions for back to school! 


Some of our old school traditions did hold over though. Such as first day of school special breakfasts. Homemade strawberry muffins made with fresh strawberries! They were oh so good. The best way to start off a day full of learning…….and  don’t they look so HAPPY too!?


The next 8 weeks are mapped out and the lessons are planned, so it’s just a matter of getting down to work! Trying to nail a six-year-old down after so many weeks of freedom is a little like nailing jello to a wall. Where my girls went to public school, and know what they don’t want to go back to, Justin doesn’t know how lucky he is  to be home all day and not getting up at 7 am to rush out the door wearing clothes he doesn’t get pick to go to a place with a lot less freedom of movement . He only knows last week he could be lazy and this week he cannot. So in hopes of getting him to realize it was time to start school,  and get his mind working in that direction, I made up this morning calendar. It’s also pulling double duty in helping him remember coins and cost, and  placing days and dates. I am thankful for the dollar tree for the calendar, coins, and borders, and for the charts!


He woke up to it this morning and was ready to start even before he gobbled up strawberry muffins….WIN!

Now it was time for the nitty-gritty….




I have no idea where the need for the  koozie came from. I am also not entirely sure why he needed the jacket in our house with a broken a/c? But then again….why not? 

The girls were amazing. They jumped right in and got to work. Here’s saying a little prayer that this momentum holds! 




Highschool came in with much less of a roar than I was expecting. They didn’t balk at the added load and they really latched on to the binder organization to keep all of us on track. After 11am (or later) wake ups and many lazy days this summer I was pleasantly surprised when they roused at 8am and were ready to go at 9am! But then….first days are always a LITTLE exciting so that helps. 

We did squeeze in some first day silliness for the big first grader! Besides his book and oatmeal bars there was an “All About Me” page to fill out in which I learned my boy wants to be an EXPLORER when he grows up! How exciting is that? We also added some paint and turned tiny fingers into a crayon box, or we tried. I love the keepsake! 




So for all that homeschooling is different I guess some things are very much the same. They were excited to crack open brand new binders and spirals. They were excited to get started, but not it was still (eww gross) school work! We are still waiting on all the crayons and glues and things to go on super sale to stock up our stash, and it was VERY important to have just the right outfit for the day. Be that Pj’s or Power Rangers they all had their preference! 

DSC_7017 - Copy

What’s really fun….we actually get TWO “first days”. The day we start (today), and the day public schools start. To keep our yearly getting started pictures on a regular schedule we take the cute morning “what  grade are you in” pictures that day. So you will see the kids in their PJ’s holding signs denoting their grades in your news feed alongside all the shiny new uniform pictures come August. Our little twist on that day is we will then go skating with a throng of homeschoolers and then hit the beach! Hope these sunny skies hold. Again…it’s the small, silly stuff that makes it all that much better. 😉



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  1. heartofahomeschooler
    Jul 12, 2014 @ 08:54:57

    Your pictures are fabulous! Makes the posts come to life. 🙂


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